Spa Francorchamps Driving Experience - Zelf Rijden Op Circuit Spa Francorchamps Met TrackTime - Ervaar het mooiste F1 circuit ter wereld

Faster than Silverstone and more challenging than Suzuka.
The F1 circuit of Spa Francorchamps is regarded by many pilots as the most beautiful race track in the world .
Infamous turns as Eau-Rouge, Raidillon and Blanchimont make this track a true challenge.

A lap on the fast and hilly track in the Belgian Ardennes is pure sensation !

The circuit posseses all the facilities and safety measures of a modern F1 venue combined with the flowing properties of an old school track that follows the natural undulations of the landscape.

Circuit Spa Francorchamps is one of the two track most mythical tracks each motorsport enthusiast has to drive. The other is of course the Nurburgring which is located just 100km away.

If you want to drive Spa Francorchamps, drive it with TrackTime !

Drive Spa Francorchamps

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Options To Drive Circuit Spa Francorchamps

If you want to drive Spa Francorcahmps you have two options.
First there is the Spa Francorchamps Driving Experience days organised by the track itself. Further you have private trackdays which are organised on many days each year.

The Spa Francorchamps Public Driving Experience

These days are organised by the track itself.
The days are run in  sessions of 25 minutes each. You can book 4 to maximum 6 sessions a day.
Each year there are about seven days available.

The 2018 dates are:

  • Monday 2 april
  • Sunday 6 mei
  • Monday 11 juni
  • Thursday 19 juli
  • Friday 3 augustus
  • Sunday 21 oktober
  • Saturday 10 november

Spa Francorchamps Trackdays

General Spa Francorchamps trackdays are a good alternative if you are looking for more tracktime. There are plenty of available dates each year, on avery about 50. We have a complete Spa Francorchamps trackday calendar giving you an overview of all the dates.

Here below is a selection of the most interesting of those dates:

  • Tuesday 26 june
  • Monday 16 july
  • Tuesday 17 july
  • Monday 25 september
  • Sunday 11 november

Info Spa Francorchamps Public Driving Experience

Entry Fees Spa Driving Experience:

  •  4 runs of 25 minutes : 290€
  • Passengers: 40€ ( max 3 per vehicle)
  • Helmet rental: 20€
  • Extra pilot: 50€ per pilot
  • Additional run of 25 minutes ( according to availability ) : 80€
  • Single run: 100€

Circuit Spa Francorchamps Address:

  • Address: Route du Circuit 55
  • City: Stavelot
  • Postcode: 4970
  • Country: Belgium

2018 Spa Francorchamps Driving Experience Dates :


DatumStart/Eind Uur
Maandag 2 April9u - 16u30
Zondag 6 Mei13u - 18u
Maandag 11 Juni9u - 16u30
Donderdag 19 Juli9u - 16u30
Vendredi 3 Augustus9u - 16u30
Zaterdag 10 november9u - 16u30

Drive Spa Francorchamps

Check The Available Cars

Spa Francorchamps Driving Experience Conditions

All production vehicles will be accepted, with the exception of any that exceed a sound level of 103
dB measured at the exhaust according to the regulations.
>>> Every vehicle must be in a condition that complies with Belgian traffic regulations and must
not exceed the maximum sound level of 105 dB. Strict testing will be done at the exhaust, measured
with a sound level meter at 1 meter from the exhaust, at 45 degrees, with the engine running at 75%
of the maximum rpm (to avoid any misunderstandings, you must be able to produce the
manufacturer’s technical specifications).
A “sticker” DB will be put on your window
!! Only Road tire’s in perfect condition will be accepted on the race track
It is very important to carefully check your tire pressure before entering the track.
increase the manufacturer’s maximum recommended pressure with 200 gr
Check all your mirrors
Move all objects who aren’t fixe in the car or in the trunk
You have to foresee a towing attachment on the front site of your car
Be careful regarding the fuel
Check your breaks before arrival
The following vehicles will not be accepted:
– Prototypes and single-seaters
– Single-seaters – motorhomes – light trucks – SUV
– Vehicles with fewer than four wheels
– Competition vehicles
– Any car fitted with ‘slicks’ (racing tires that are smooth and have no treads).
– Convertibles without a roll bar
  • Helmets and fastening seatbelts obligatory
  • The first reconnaissance lap will be driven behind
    a pace car for each group.
    Passing the pace car is expressly forbidden.
  • To enter the track, all participants must use the pit
    lane specified during the briefing.
  • At the end of each session, the red lights on the
    marshal stations will turn on and the red flags will
    be waved. All participants will have to return
    immediately to the pit lane in the paddock, at a
    moderate speed. The same procedure may be
    performed at the safety services.
  • If a participant breaks down on the track, he must push his car as close as possible to the
    guard rail or wall and wait behind the guard rail until the session ends for the rescue vehicle
    to pick him up.
  • Driving against traffic or in reverse on the track is strictly forbidden.
  • The maximum speed allowed in the pit lane is 60 km/h. The maximum speed allowed in the
    paddock is 30 km/h.
  • In the event of an incident, only safety service vehicles with their equipment, crew and
    emergency doctor onboard are allowed to enter the track to address the incident.
  • Respect in any case the flags presented by the Marshalls
  • Keep a safety distance between each car. Car chasing, aggressive overtaking or dangerous
    carpooling will be sanctioned by neutralizing of the track, the cars who are involved will be
    excluded directly
  • Overtaking: only permitted at straight lines.
  • The car which is overtaking is the only one who can change the line. The slower car has to
    let pass the other one

Spa Francorchamps Driving Experience Cars

When choosing a car to drive Spa Francorchamps you can choose between two rental formulas:

Basic rental: car rental fee with insurance and unlimited kilometers/laps

All- in rental: car rental fee with insurance, unlimited kilometers, track entry fee and fuel

BMW E36 325i

bmw 325i race auto verhuur circuit spa francorchamps zolder nurburgring zandvoort
  • Basic rental: 999€
  • All- in rental: 1395€

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BMW E36 328i

  • Basic rental: 1199€
  • All- in rental: 1640€

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BMW E36 M3

bmw m3 e36 race auto verhuur circuit spa francorchamps zolder nurburgring zandvoort
  • Basic rental: 1399€
  • All- in rental: 1895€

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BMW E46 M3

BMW M3 E46 trackday race auto verhuur zelf rijden op circuit spa francorchamps zolder nurburgring zandvoort
  • Basic rental: 2099€
  • All- in rental: 2595€

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Circuit Spa Francorchamps General Info

Due to the introduction of the Television Without Frontiers Directive (1989), tobacco advertising and sponsorship on television were banned within the European Union from 1991. Formula One faced a major threat regarding races in its historical European heartland. Due to these political and legislative circumstances, the Grand Prix at Spa was left out of the 2003 calendar as a response to the internal tobacco legislation in Belgium. The event was tagged as a World Class event within the national senate, and thus it was saved for the 2004 Formula One season. The section known as the Bus Stop chicane was reprofiled for 2004 with an additional sweep to the right.

Spa was dropped from the Formula One calendar in 2006. The organiser of the event went bankrupt in late 2005, and therefore the planned improvements to the race track and paddock had not yet been made. The Wallonia government stepped in and provided the necessary funds, but too late for the 2006 race to take place.

From 2007 tobacco advertising bans limited the number of sponsors from the industry finding the sport appealing. From 2010, only the Scuderia Ferrari Marlboro still had tobacco branding; soon after that the team dropped the Marlboro “stripes” from their race cars after accusations of it being linked to subliminal advertising.

With a new financial backer, the renovation started on 6 November 2006 and finished in May 2007, costing around €19 million.

Formula 1 returned to Spa for 2007, with a modified track layout. The Bus Stop chicane was moved back towards Blanchimont and the La Source hairpin moved forward. This allowed more space for the new pit lane. The modifications gave a longer start/finish straight.

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