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How To Go Racing At Circuit Spa Francorchamps

How to go racing at spa francorchamps

One of the questions we get asked a lot is how to go racing at Spa Francorchamps.

Driving the track on a trackday is great but it’s the racing that its really about.
Many of our customers who have done a couple of trackdays want to take the next step. But they wonder how to.
If you want to find out just keep reading.

How to prepare

Before you hop into a race car and do a race at Spa you should get to know the track first.
You can start learning the track at home by playing some race simulator games, examining track guides and watching YouTube videos.
This way you won’t be thrown completely in the deep without any knowledge of the turns once you arrive at the track.

The next step would be to participate in a trackday so you can get some real life track time.
Ideally you would book an instructor to give you some driver training to increase your learning curve and keep you out of trouble.

What do you need to go racing at Spa Francorchamps

First of all of course you’ll need a racing licence.
There are plenty of racing series competing at Spa Francorchamps that don’t require an international license, just you national license will do.

Secondly you’ll need a car. For sure you can bring your own car and crew but that’s how most people do it.
Instead they rent a seat in a car that’s being run by a race team.
In all the racing series competing at Spa Francorchamps there is teams that prepare cars and rent a seat or seat time to customers.
TrackTime for instance has various cars available for racing at Spa Francorchamps.

In what series can you compete

We all know that F1 races at Spa and so do the GT3’s in the 24h race.
But if you’re an F1 driver or a GT driver competing in the Spa 24h you’ll probably not be reading this article.

So let’s focus on some of the ‘lower level’ series that you can compete in at Spa Francorchamps.

Belcar National Belgian GT and Touring Car Championship

Belcar: Belgian National GT and Touring Car Championship

BGDC: Belgian Gentlemen Driver Club ( endurance championship)

Dutch Regional Championship with Sprint Races

DNRT: Dutch championship with sprint races
Dutch Regional Touring Car Series with Sprint Races

ACNN: Dutch regional championship with 1 hour races

Dutch Race Driver Organisation, Regional Championship with races of hourDRDO: Dutch championship with 2 races of 1 hour

belgian youngtimer cup with two races of 35 minutesBravo Youngtimer Cup: Belgian youngtimer series with vehicles of the 90’s.

Dutch Supercar Challenge: Dutch National GT and Touring Car Championship

NES500: German National Endurance Series, 4h races.

bmw clubsport trophy, endurance races with bmw E90 325iBMW Clubsport Trophy: Belgian BMW series with E90 325i’s

endurance races with m325i racing carsM235i Racing Cup: Belgian BMW M235i Racing Cup

sprint races with porsche 991 gt3 cup carsGT3 Cup Challenge Benelux: Porsche GT3 Cup series, 2 races of 30 minutes

endurance races with touring cars and gt cars24h series by Creventic: Endurance races of 6, 12 and 24 hours


These are just a selection of the available series. There are lots of others.
Basically you can go racing at Spa Francorchamps almost every weekend.
For all the series presented above TrackTime has race cars available.

If you need more info on a series just give us a call or shoot us an email.

What does it cost

What is costs depends on the car and the championship.
Prices for a “cheaper” car and series combination generally get you started for about 2500€. From there on out it’s all upwards.

If you’d like to now more just contact us.

Arrive ‘n Drive

As mentioned earlier you don’t have to bring your own car and team.
You can just rent a race car backed by team.
TrackTime offers complete packages to get you racing at Spa Francorchamps.
From driver training on your first laps to competing in a real race. We’ve got you covered.
All you have to do is arrive and drive!

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