Want to learn the Spa Francorchamps driving your own car?
TrackTime provides driver training courses in your own car.

Experienced instructors will teach you the track in your vehicle.

The training is set up according to your skills and needs and the specific properties of your car.
Spa Francorchamps driver training is also available to drivers who rent a TrackTime rental car here.

Prices Spa Francorchamps Driver Tuition In Own Car

CircuitPrijs Per Halve DagPrijs Per Hele Dag
Circuit Spa Francorchamps499€849€
Circuit Zolder499€799€
Circuit Park Zandvoort649€899€
AndereOp AanvraagOp Aanvraag

Prices excluding track entry fees and VAT

Included In Price:

  • Introbriefing on trackday rules and safety
  • Theoretical explanation on track driving
  • Self driving with private instructor
  • Demo laps
  • Thorough analysis of your driving skills
  • Duration: from 1 hour to multiple days


Possible dates for Spa Francorchamps driver training can be found in our trackday calendar.
Every week there are multiple dates available.

Driver training is also possible on other European race tracks.

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Spa Francorchamps Driver Training Program


First you receive a briefing on general trackday rules and safety.


Before we enter the track there is a theory session on track driving. Covering the following items:

  • Ideal line, brake and turn-in points
  • Understeer and oversteer
  • Combinations of turns
  • Track specific tips and more…


After the theory and a lap as passenger your head out onto the track yourself. A private instructor rides along with you guiding you as you drive. Ensuring you maximize your learning rate and get the most out of you available track time.


After each driving session your driving skills are assessed. What went right, what can improve? Goals are set for your next session. Making sure you keep progressing.

Car Preparation


  • TYRES – the tyres are probably the most important factor influencing the way your car behaves on the track . Please make sure your tyres are in good shape and capable of lasting the whole track day. Lower your tire pressure before entering the track and give your tyres the time to warm up and arch uptime pressure.
  • BRAKES – going fast on the track is one thing, braking in time and adequately is even more important. Make sure the quality of your brakes – discs and pads – is  good.
  • ENGINE – enter the circuit with your engine in good condition. Make sure your oil levels, cooling liquids are sufficient enough for the whole track day. Do not spill oil on the circuit!
  • WINDOWS and WIPERS – have your car and windows clean before the track day starts and make sure your wipers are of good quality. Check your wiper fluid as well.
  • TOWING EYE – Every car entering the track shoul be fitted with a towing eye
  • MIRRORS – Every car must be equipped with two functional and clean mirrors.
  • SAFETY BELTS– Driver and passenger should always wear safety belts.

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Arrive at the track well prepared. Read our practical section below.

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