A “waiver” is a legal document releasing some requirement, such as waiving a right (giving it up) or a waiver of liability (agreeing to hold someone blameless). It is a document which when being signed, makes you agree not to sue anybody even if something goes wrong.

In plain English, I am participating in this event with the full knowledge and understanding that I may be injured or killed. I agree not to sue any of the organisers or participants for any injuries or property damage or loss that I may incur. This applies to my heirs and executors as well.

Failure to sign this waiver will forfeit my right to participate. Read this PRIOR to submitting your payment and be prepared to sign it at the TRACK.

Waivers need to be signed when registering your presence and/or participation by anyone present at the event/circuit: drivers, passengers and guests.


This is the latest version of our waiver in pdf format:



TrackTime Vrijwaring - Afstand Van Verhaal

TrackTime Waiver PDF



TrackTime reserves the right to alter or renew this waiver at any time. You will always be asked to sign the latest version prior to using any of our services.

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