BMW E36 325i210 km315 km420 kmExtra kmUnlimited km

Rental + Insurance€790€910€1010€4€1160
Rental + Fuel€675€845€995€4.5€1195
Rental + Fuel + Insurance€875€1035€1175€4.5€1410

BMW E36 328i210 km315 km420 kmExtra kmUnlimited km

Rental + Insurance€790€1000€1150€4€1350
Rental + Fuel€675€985€985€4.5€1350
Rental + Fuel + Insurance€875€1235€1235€4.5€1600

BMW E36 M3210 km315 km420 kmExtra kmUnlimited km

Rental + Insurance€1100€1350€1600€6€1850
Rental + Fuel€955€1290€1625€7€1995
Rental + Fuel + Insurance€1305€1640€1975€7€2345

BMW E90 325i210 Km315 Km420 KmExtra KmUnlimited Km
Rental + Insurance€995€1190€1340€5€1445
Rental + Insurance + Fuel€1095€1340€1540€7€1745

BMW E46 M3210 km315 km420 kmExtra kmUnlimited km

Rental + Insurance€1795€2095€2395€7€2640
Rental + Fuel€1400€1825€2165€8€2535
Rental + Fuel + Insurance€2045€2470€2810€8€3180

BMW E92 M3315 KmExtra KmUnlimited Km
Rental + Insurance€2595€10€3295
Rental + Insurance + Fuel€2845€12€3745

BMW M235i Racing315 KmExtra KmUnlimited Km
Rental + Insurance€4130€8€4795
Rental + Insurance + Fuel€4460€10€5370

Porsche Cayman GT4 Clubsport315 KmExtra KmUnlimited Km
Rental + Insurance€3595€15€4495
Rental + Insurance + Fuel€3845€17€4995

Porsche 991 GT3 Cup315 KmExtra KmUnlimited Km
Rental + Insurance€4995€26€7995
Rental + Insurance + Fuel€5395€27€8795

Prices exlcuding VAT and entry fees


  • Unlimited amount of laps  ( drive as much as you want )
  • Intro briefing on trackday rules and safety
  • Technical support ( eg: tire changing, etc )
  • Helmets

Price info:

A full day consists of maximum 8 hours.

Cars are available to drivers of at least 18 years old.
A rental contract and waiver need to be signed before being allowed to drive.
Special rental terms apply to Porsche GT3 Cup cars.


Possible dates for Spa Francorchamps track car hire can be found in our trackday calendar.
Every month there are multiple dates available.

Driver training is also possible on other race tracks.

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